Work Well. Play More! Masterclass by Marcey Rader

Work Well. Play More! Masterclass

Are you ready to make lasting behavior change for your health, productivity, and environment?


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Marcey Rader
3 mins
Tiffany Sturdivant
3 mins
Barbara Wagner
2 mins
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(Webinar Replay) HEALTH - Portion Control
42 mins
(Webinar Replay) PRODUCTIVITY - Notification Distractions
27 mins
(Webinar Replay) DECLUTTER - Digital Files
41 mins
(Webinar Replay) GUEST EXPERT - Juan Sanchez of Bagby
27 mins
(Webinar Replay) Ask Me Anything
43 mins
Portion-Control serving dishes from the Masterclass!
Month Two
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Meet Marcey Rader

Marcey Rader is a sought-after productivity coach and accredited health and wellness expert. She is an Amazon best-selling author, high-impact speaker, and founder of Marcey Rader Coaching and Work Well. Play More!; kicking lifestyles back into balanced gear through education, keynotes, workshops, and coaching.

As an award-winning speaker, she packs presentations with actionable advice and real-world wisdom, decluttering the mind, body, and business, one habit at a time.